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Email Systems content monitoring facilities are capable of allowing you exceptional control over all incoming and outgoing messages. The service allows you to control where the messages are sent to or how they should be filtered depending on the criteria you specify. This allows messages from certain clients to be automatically forwarded to the relevant departments or potentially harmful messages filtered out before they reach the desks of your users.

Custom rules are used to manage content and can be created and applied to incoming and / or outgoing emails. Each rule has a 'condition set' and an 'action'. Conditions are as follows:

  • Message size is bigger / smaller than a certain size
  • Email does / does not contain one or more instances of a certain word or words
  • Email is / is not from an email address(es)
  • Email is / is not addressed to recipient(s)
  • (Advanced) Email header contains a certain text string
  • Email is / is not received between certain times

Actions on emails when a condition is met are as follows:

  • Allow the message through
  • Allow the message through without SPAM filtering
  • Delete the message
  • Forward to a specified address(es)
  • Quarantine - place in a directory on the server for further investigation, and (optionally) deletion or passing on to the original addressee
  • Delay delivery off-peak

Rules are created using an intuitive template as illustrated below:

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